Created by Paul Gustafson, Oxford.

Welcome to Eggland.

The wonderful world of Eggbert and his friends.

In Eggland, everyone and everything is egg shaped including Eggbert, the star of this new series of books for children. With rhyming text and bright, colourful pictures, the stories follow Eggbert’s adventures as he travels around in his bright red Egg Car.

This series has taken Oxford author, Paul Gustafson, five years to develop. Written in consultation with parents, teachers and the children themselves, it aims to widen children’s vocabulary and hone their reading ability whilst providing great enjoyment, entertainment and education.

Paul Gustafson taught in Oxford for over 30 years and has a wealth of educational experience. He has also written and co-written several books in the past on a range of subjects including sport and natural history. As well as writing, Paul has also appeared in many television and radio programmes for the BBC, ITV and Sky.

Illustrations for the books have been beautifully carried out by well known illustrator and artist Ray Mutimer, who also illustrated Postman Pat, Noddy, Rupert and Friends Magazine, Charlie Chalk and Star Hill Ponies Magazine for the B.B.C. The books will capture the imagination of every young reader, either accompanied or unaccompanied.

The Eggbert's Adventures books can be ordered from all good bookshops or you can order here

'The episodes are written with a delightful simplicity, I particularly like the charming illustrations.'
Colin Dexter
Creator of Inspector Morse. I.T.V. London
'Splendid books and very entertaining.'
Chris Tarrant
'The Eggbert books are wonderful Paul, my grandchildren loved them.'
Jane Seymour
'Endearing characters and eternal values, children will love and learn from these wonderful little books.'
Sir Cliff Richard
International Singer
'The cream always rises to the surface and these are the cream of childrens books, they will go on forever.'
Robin Gibb
The Bee Gees
'The Eggbert books are simply charming and the characters delightful.'
Jenny Agutter
'There is no doubt that the choice of language fits well with the National Curriculum and with what we know about early readers. Having seen its appeal to youngsters, I have no doubt of the series appeal to a wide audience, the Eggbert books will prove invaluable in the classroom and in the home, especially at bed time.'
Sir Tim Brighouse
Chief Education Officer for both Oxfordshire and Birmingham Education Authority 1978-1989 Schools Commissioner for London. 2002-2007 Professor of Education Keele University. Educational Advisor to the government.

Eggberts Adventures Books

are written by Paul Gustafson

and illustrated by Ray Mutimer

Eggbert’s Adventures at the Seasideby Paul Gustafson
(Eggsact Books, Oxford 2002) ISBN 0-9542972-1-0

Eggbert’s Adventures at the Zooby Paul Gustafson
(Eggsact Books, Oxford 2004) ISBN 0-9542972-2-9

Eggbert’s Adventures at the Fair by Paul Gustafson
(Eggsact Books, Oxford 2004) ISBN 0-9542972-3-7